Tips for a Winning Tech Resume

Tips for a Winning Tech Resume

It’s an all-too familiar scene: you press ‘Send’ on a job application with apathy, not really bothering to check if anything is missing or could be improved. After all, you've been looking for a while and, whatever the results, you’ve got accustomed to the notion that if it’s meant to be, it'll be an instant match and they’ll get back to you.

But getting a job is not dating, although there are many parallels, like the effect dressing nicely and being a good listener can have on the first encounter. Despite the fact that people in general are so exposed to the way things work “behind the curtain” that they feel powerless to change reality, the truth is that there’s plenty you can do to shape it. Tailored instead of lazy one-size-fits-all CVs, for instance, are proven to have higher response rates.

As the Head of People at SpaceDev, I spend who knows how many hours choosing between a handful of candidates who could fill a position probably equally well. But it takes fulfilling certain basic requirements in the application to even get to that point. What makes a difference in the end? Details, especially those that have to do with how you present yourself. Whether you're a seasoned veteran looking to change teams or searching for your first job in tech, a finely-tuned resume is the first and most important step to reach your goals.

Know Your Audience
First things first: know who you’re writing your resume for. Tailor it to the company and the role you want. Mention your experience with the technologies that they use, be it Python, JavaScript, or cloud platforms. Highlighting your familiarity with their tech stack shows you've done your homework and are genuinely interested in what they do. Mentioning connections, like a former colleague or employer that is working for the company you’re applying to, is always beneficial.

Highlight Your Technical Skills
As a complement to the above tip, make sure to list all the specific programming languages, frameworks, and tools you're proficient in. And make it easy for the eyes – according to a survey by Stack Overflow, 78% of hiring managers prefer CVs with clearly outlined technical skills, which helps in quickly identifying suitable candidates.

Showcase Real Projects
Nothing speaks louder than real-world experience. Include projects you've worked on, detailing your contributions and the impact they had. One effective way to present this is through case studies with images or brief project summaries with metrics. For example, describe a project where you improved application performance by 30%. Don’t forget to include links to your GitHub or portfolio to provide tangible proof of your skills and achievements.

Demonstrate Problem-Solving Abilities
Show that you are eager to take on challenges and think creatively. Describe specific instances where you overcame a problem, like fixing a particularly stubborn bug or implementing a complex feature. Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to clearly outline the situation, what you needed to achieve, the actions you took, and the results of those actions.

Emphasize Soft Skills and Teamwork
While technical skills are crucial, soft skills are equally important in a collaborative environment – at least 61% of employers think so. Include experiences where you’ve led a team, mentored junior developers, or worked effectively in a group. Balancing technical and soft skills in your descriptions makes you a more attractive candidate. You could, for example, mention how you facilitated a sprint planning meeting that improved team efficiency by 20%.

Keep It Concise and Relevant
Hiring managers don’t have time to read a novel. Your CV should be short and sweet, 1-2 pages in length or under 500 words. Avoid overly detailed job descriptions from non-technical roles. Focus on what’s most relevant to the job you're applying for. A useful tip is to quantify your achievements whenever possible. For example, "Reduced server response time by 40%" is more impactful than a vague statement. According to statistics, 24% of hiring managers will decide on a resume in the first 30 seconds of looking at it.

Make It Visually Appealing
First impressions matter in almost every context, so having a clean and professional layout is one of the boxes your CV must check. Use a well-structured template with clear headings, bullet points, as well as consistent font and spacing – it will enhance legibility but also shows you care about presentation. Consider using online tools like Canva or resume templates from Microsoft Word. Adding a touch of color or graphical elements like icons for each section can make your CV visually engaging without being overly flashy.

Proofread and Get Feedback
Last but not least, proofread your CV to avoid any errors – even a small typo can leave a sour taste. Ask a peer to review it for clarity and mistakes, or use tools like Grammarly to catch typos and grammatical errors you might have missed. Google Docs is very effective in this regard, and it’s free. It’s also beneficial to seek feedback from professionals in your network. Their insights and suggestions might provide you with invaluable insider knowledge.

Think Beyond the Page
Having the skills and experience required for the job you want is the most fundamental aspect of a successful application. That said, there’s almost a limitless space for creativity after that point. Your CV is also an opportunity to showcase your uniqueness and be remembered without coming across as too intense or alienating your potential employer. Don’t sell yourself short. All of the above tips are guidelines, albeit crucial ones – use them to your advantage, remembering that they’re looking to hire not only a professional, but a person. 

Good luck!

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It’s an all-too familiar scene: you press ‘Send’ on a job application with apathy, not really bothering to check if anything is missing

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