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Throughout the universe, we are known for aiding the boldest in bringing their ambitious projects to life.
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About Us

SpaceDev is a software development company headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay. We provide high-end digital solutions in all the leading technologies, especially blockchain.

Clutch ranked us among the top 15 companies in the world.We’re proud to have a multinational team that hails from all over South America. Together, we've successfully completed over 130 projects.More than coding for our clients, we like to form inspiring partnerships where we shoot for the stars in building a product or help them revolutionize their business operations.

Our experience gives us enough flexibility to meet different needs in creative ways, from augmenting existing teams with top talent to providing a squad of developers, designers and project managers eager to tackle the next great app, website or crypto platform.

We like to think big. And what's bigger than space?

Our Core Values


We're not just here to press some keys - we want to be your tech partner! We'll use our years of experience to help you make a product that stands out from the crowd!


We strive to be proficient at what we do and that means constantly expanding our horizons.


You can expect us to be transparent, honest, respectful and committed because that’s who we are!


It’s important for us to keep a work-life balance that’s suitable for both our clients and us. Don’t worry - we do whatever's necessary to meet goals in a timely manner.


No space-faring member of ours is going to be stranded! Everyone has a say and is given ample room to grow in our work environments. We’re just humans navigating the stars!


we are not just your dev team, we aim to be your tech partner; we will use our years of experience in the industry to help you in everything we can to make your product stand out from the crowd!


we know about what we do and are constantly expanding our horizons towards cutting edge technologies


you can expect us to be transparent, honest, respectful and committed because that’s how we are!


it’s important for us to keep a work-life balance that’s suitable for both our customers and ourselves. Don’t worry we get serious when it’s needed

We are HUMAN

no one with us is lost in the crowd. We strive to create an environment where everyone can have a say and provide ample room to grow. Rest assured, we’re not robots or aliens from another planet; Just humans at Space

How We Work Methodology 
1. Collaborate
2. Build
3. Test
4. Learn and Iterate

Our Process

Nothing is impossible if the plan is right. We’ve taken projects of all sizes to the finish line through thrilling collaborations based on achievable, short-term goals. Planning every step thoroughly in advance ensures that the product will be the best it can be without going over schedule or over budget.

Once our teams set out to work, their intensive and painstaking approach can turn a months-long back-and-forth with the client into a productive, 2-week kickoff sprint. The process then follows the client's list of priorities, involving daily meetings, revisions and extenstive testing.

Not Just Another Coding Company

Our multi-talented team is always working toward one goal: delivering awesome tech products for our clients.

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Our Approach

We want to partner up with the shapers of tomorrow! Our crew is always looking to tackle challenges that broaden our horizons and produce cutting-edge technologies.

We believe that great collaborative experiences bring out the best in clients and us. When the highest coding quality and performance standards are a given, a proactive, hands-on approach enriched by constant feedback will inevitably lead to groundbreaking solutions.

Full-stack development