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CTO of SpaceDev Among the 25 Key Shapers of Local Tech

On May 31, Experis presented the book "25 Leaders Transforming Technology in Uruguay," recognizing professionals who are pushing the ICT

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Tips for a Winning Tech Resume

It’s an all-too familiar scene: you press ‘Send’ on a job application with apathy, not really bothering to check if anything is missing

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The Art of Being in a Room

The other day I stumbled upon a YouTube gem that I couldn’t stop watching all through its 40+ minutes. It’s a 2012 talk given by Stephani

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Top AI-Powered Tools for NFT Creation

The intersection between art and the digital world has been irrevocably changed by the existence of Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are digital

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How Hard Is It to Become a Blockchain Developer?

One of the rarest events in tech is finding yourself in a static position. With the highest turnover rates of any sector, constantly chan

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Exploring Dencun, Ethereum's Latest Breakthrough

The cryptoverse is surfing the ripples of Ethereum’s latest upgrade! Known as Dencun, it represents a significant milestone towards scala

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