A platform with accounting tools for people with digital assets.

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Nowadays, it can be hard for dedicated crypto users to keep track of what they own, especially if it’s spread over multiple wallets or involves different types of assets. The rise of digital exchanges and cryptocurrency legitimacy has brought more advantages and opportunities for growth, but also increasing demands when it comes to overseeing balances and operations.

The Proposal

The client came to SpaceDev with the practical yet far-reaching idea of developing an attractive, trustworthy platform through which users could manage their digital assets easily. Functionalities and design had to reflect that this was an accounting system, prioritizing clear visualization of data from various crypto exchanges and wallets, integrating all the required services and applications, enabling record keeping of transactions and related activities, offering a broad range of information customization, and very importantly, being able to generate tax reports.

The Process

We know that simplicity often stands on complex processes and hard work, so in typical SpaceDev fashion, we wasted no time in setting off to work with Scott to generate the building blocks of the project. An iterative process based on constant feedback formed the basis of our partnership. Designers were especially mindful of what the user should first encounter upon accessing the service.

The Result

An elegant dashboard with a summarizing chart makes the tip of the iceberg that is the Blockbound experience. SpaceDev delivered an easy-to-navigate platform that integrates real-time data from crypto powerhouses such as Etherscan, Metamask and Binance, allowing users to oversee holdings and manage their digital assets with confidence and efficiency.

Blockbound offers transaction customization, portfolio tracking, asset value in different currencies, compatibility with countless types of digital assets (including NFTs) and tax report creation. We made sure that MVP was improved and public addresses, CSV and API key operations were also smoothly integrated, while offering DAO and DEFI support, among other 3rd party elements. Specialized versions of the platform for different needs are available.

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