Payments solution for automating receivables and payables for LATAM SMBs


Manage the cash flow of a company can be:

✦   Complex: as it requires multiple steps, documents and synchronization between a multiple of participants.

✦   Slow: because you waste a lot of time in communication with the client, providers, and internal users. Beside having to manually review the documents and multiple tools.

✦   Confusing: as it is hard to centralize all the information in a simple way.

Did you know that the mexico market generated USD$180 Billions in B2B transactions, and more than 9 billions of invoices only in 2019?

And still, the process behind each of those bills can be a pain. Especially because all the manual processes, that are confusing, hereate a lot of data inconsistency and trigger errors that cost everyone time and money.

What are the actual platforms that are used:

✦  Invoicing software

✦  Email

✦  Whatsapp

✦  Excel spreadsheets

✦  Bank portals



Flexio's mission is to make simple, fast and transparent customer collection processes and provider payments.  

Providing companies with total clarity on the status of their cash flow at all times. Helping them automate the accounts receivable and accounts payable process.

Some of the other tools:

✦  Automatically generate follow-up messages of the collection and payment processes to your clients.

✦  Receive notifications of every event that occurred, successful collections and transaction errors.

✦  Generate and / or schedule up to 100 payments in a single process.

✦  Generate and / or schedule up to 100 invoices in a single process.

✦  Issue and stamp invoices automatically on the charges made to your customers.

✦  Have continuous visibility on the status of your cash flow.

✦  Generate cash flow reports that give you clarity on the status of your business at all times.

Flexio is an integral payments solution for SMEs, allowing them to centralize, manage and automate payments with a simple and easy-to-use tool. They do everything for the companies, and they keep it simple 💪 .



Flexio reduces up to 78% the time you spend per month in operational and administrative processes of customer collections and payments.

This is not what we say… their clients say it!

Centralizing the B2B payments, automating communication processes with customers and suppliers, validating invoice data and having visibility at all times on the status of your cash flow, are just the beginning of the advantages that Flexio provides.