NGA - Next Great Adventure

A website and mobile app containing the Acton School of Business’s life-transforming courses.

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Believing it to be an integral part of achieving success, the Acton School of Business created a series of amazing, transformational courses in order to help aspiring MBAs discover themselves and find their calling. These include educational materials but most importantly Challenges —like writing prompts directed at oneself or going out into the world to try something— that take the user through a journey of self-discovery.

 Product owner Joel Hobbs believed that those learning experiences deserved to journey out of the Academy’s walls and travel the world through the use of technology. It was also important, though, that non-technical admins could create and modify course materials without too much hassle. SpaceDev was excited to join forces and change lives.

The Next Step

An exciting website was naturally first in the order of things, but for the user to fully engage with its contents, an attractive and intuitive mobile app was a must. The SpaceDev team set out to meet those goals efficiently and on schedule, while always remaining open to Acton’s concerns and suggestions.

The Next Great Adventure mobile app —available on iOS and Android— was built in React Native. NestJS and PostgreSQL were employed for the backend and finally React to build a website that reflected the inviting and inspirational feel of the courses, with eye-catching landing pages to funnel new users and give them a personalized demo. Both were designed to synchronize in real time, allowing the user to make progress and see where they’re at no matter what platform they choose to access on any given moment. Both the website and the app have a built-in social network available to all course participants.

The process also yielded a system through which dynamic content will be displayed in a uniform way, wherever it’s shown. Additions and changes can readily be made through a 3rd party platform called Contentful. Both admins and users will find the experience of engaging with the NGA website or mobile app easy to follow and pleasantly interactive!

What NGA Has to Offer:
  • 26 remote, interactive learning experiences (Challenges) requiring 4-6 hours of coursework per week, for a total of 6 weeks.
  • Actionable insights according to the user’s traits and personality through psychological tests, field trips and introspective journaling.
  • Weekly check-ins with an accountability partner of the user’s choosing (we call it a Running Partner)
  • A clearer vision of the user’s personal and professional goals, both short and long-term.
  • An answer to the million-dollar question: “What should I do next?”
  • Building a meaningful and grounded plan based on the user’s unique situation, strengths and psychology.
  • Identification of industries, roles and communities in which the user could thrive.
  • Discovering what the user is capable of in the real world.
Looking Back

We’re very excited to see the impact that the large-scale access to such life-changing curricula can have on the planet. Working with the Acton Academy was our own great adventure!

This project is developed using:

CI/CD with Bitbucket Pipelines and hosted on AWS EC2, AWS RDS

3rd party integrations:


Project manager

Product owner

Technical leader

2 x Senior Fullstack developer

Senior QA

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